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Are you ready to embrace your intuition and live courageously?


Author Lisa Love Hall shows you how to do just that. Lisa Love (she/they) has helped thousands of people, both young and old, balance their minds, bodies and spirits through the practice of yoga and mindfulness. And now, through life coaching, she helps people evolve by gaining the courage to face their fears and live their fullest life. As a Human Design Life Coach with a wellspring of experience, empathy and optimism, Lisa Love is helping folks take joyful action and prioritize their personal growth path. And it all starts with embracing your intuition. 


Learn how you can tap into this innate strength that you were born with. Using Lisa Love’s unique 4-step process (SOAR) to attune with your intuition, you’ll be able to use your sixth sense to help you make decisions with clarity and confidence on a daily basis. That’s right, every single day.


Why go through life wondering if you’re making the right decisions? Let your intuition guide you. Your Divine Intuition thoughtfully guides you every step of the way as you learn to strengthen your intuition. It will soon become a beloved book at your bedside.


Your Divine Intuition includes personal life stories of how intuition divinely guided Lisa Love on her path, as well as an abundance of tools, practices, guided meditations, and self-reflection prompts. Journal space is also provided for you to write about your experience and remember any insights and divine wisdom that you received. Journaling is a powerful way to reinforce your experience of being open to your intuition.


Don’t let your life continue in default mode. Use your greatest strength to create a new path forward.


With a wealth of wisdom in Your Divine Intuition, you’ll learn how to:

  • Develop and utilize your intuitive abilities

  • Meditate using a variety of methods

  • Activate your Seven Chakra Centers

  • Clear your energy field and create energetic boundaries

  • Connect with the energy of the Four Elements

  • Navigate your life with confidence and joy


Your divine journey awaits!

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