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Hi! I'm Lisa Love (5/1 Time Bender),


I am a multi-dimensional human being, as are you. There are many aspects that create the truth of who I am. I am bisexual, queer, nonbinary, married, middle aged, a mom of a teen, an optimist, an artist, an intuitive empath, a spiritual human being, and a life coach.


I have overcome great adversity in my life, starting with childhood abuse and the restrictive beliefs of the Mormon patriarchy. It was a difficult journey, full of many sorrows and many joys, and I am stronger and more resilient now because of it. Human Design has been an incredible blessing in my life and continues to support me in showing up as who I truly am.


As a Human Design Life Coach, it is now my honor and privilege to lovingly support you on your unique journey as you step into your truth and participate in the evolution of consciousness.

With compassion and joy,

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