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Lisa Hall is a Transformational Life Coach & Intuitive based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Lisa (she/they) responds to every client with compassion and enthusiasm as they create a life they love by expressing their unique life force energy.


Lisa is proud to be a member of the LGBTQ+ Community and welcomes all identities and cultures with an open heart.


  • California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS) - Bachelor's Degree in Psychology (Expected Graduation: August 2023); Master's Degree in Somatic Psychology (Expected Graduation: August 2026)

  • California College of the Arts (SF & Oakland) - Graphic Design, Painting, Photography, and Jewelry

  • College of San Mateo - Technical Arts & Graphics


  • 10+ years experience teaching Yoga, with 7 years experience teaching Mindfulness Meditation

  • 10+ years experience working in Human Resources in various roles, including Recruiting, Employee Relations, Benefits Administration and Wellness Programs



  • Certified Life Coach, and Energetic & Spiritual Coach

  • Certified Quantum Human Design™ Specialist, Level 2

  • Certified Quantum Alignment System™/EFT Tapping Practitioner, Level 1

  • Certified Vinyasa Yoga & Mindfulness Meditation Instructor with Specialty Certifications in Restorative Yoga, and Kids & Teens Yoga


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The fundamental ingredient needed to move in a new direction is change. And change requires effort so it can be challenging to get started.

That's where Spark Email Coaching comes in! Utilize this inspirational process—combining the principles of Human Design and Neuroplasticity—to propel your life in a new direction as you express your unique life force energy!

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