LISA LOVE (She/They)
With a wellspring of experience, empathy and optimism, my mission is to empower LGBTQ+ humans by cultivating their emotional resilience so they can thrive.

As a Queer Life Coach with an unwavering belief in your capacity to thrive, I help you…

  • Fuel Your Curiosity,

  • Boost Your Self-Compassion, and

  • Elevate Your Confidence.

I offer online courses and both individual and group coaching in a compassionate and caring space for LGBTQ+ humans.

Here's what my clients are saying about working with me:


"We approached Lisa to help our daughter. Specifically for her expertise in LGBT + youth issues. Lisa was a great fit from the start and has been an invaluable resource for our family. I highly recommend working with her!"

—Joy (She/Her)

"Lisa Love's energy is really great. The questions that she asked made me think and realize I have some internal things to unpack in order to reach my goals. I would definitely recommend her if you want to dive deep into your feelings and thoughts when it comes to your goals."

—Vanessa (She/Her)


Work With Me

Do you love to learn? 


Check out my new online course, Fuel Your Curiosity, which walks you through the first three steps of my Framework, We Are Resilient Queers. So much is included in this empowering Emotional Resilience course! AND, it gives back to the LGBTQ+ community!

I am proud to be Queer and I'm also an advocate for People of Color and encourage you to do the same in your circle of influence.

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