Life Coaching

With a wellspring of experience, empathy and optimism, I support you to gain the courage to take action and prioritize your personal growth.


As an Intuitive Life Coach with an unwavering belief in your capacity to experience a joyful life, I help you...

  • Face your fears,

  • Take joyful action, and

  • Live your fullest life.

NEW Group Coaching Programs coming in January 2021!


"Lisa Love's energy is really great. I loved how open and inclusive this workshop was. The questions that she asked as well as the workbook made me think and realize I have some internal things to unpack in order to reach my goals. I would definitely recommend this workshop if you want to dive deep into your feelings and thoughts when it comes to your goals."Vanessa

"Figure out your heart-centered dream with Lisa Love's guidance and support, and then figure out what's holding you back and the steps to take to make your dream a reality. Lisa Love brings a lot of mindfulness and self-care practices in addition to positive energy and enthusiasm."Amber

San Francisco Bay Area, CA