You are a divine human being full of limitless potential. Quantum Human Design™ supports you in discovering your unique design and how you can step into your fullest potential each and every day, without burning yourself out.


I’ll repeat that… without burning yourself out. Ahhh… Doesn’t that just sound divine?


Quantum Human Design™ honors your unique way of manifesting in the world, which calls for periods of rest. I just love that. It is both compassionate and empowering.


It is so validating to receive a Reading and understand how you are designed to manifest, and why you need periods of rest.

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When I first started my de-conditioning process of living by my design, by following my Strategy and Authority and trusting that the Universe would provide me with the right opportunities at the right time, I felt a great sense of ease from not pressuring myself to do all the things and think all of the thoughts… with my open Head and Root Centers, this can be a real challenge at times. 


Now, when I can feel this pressure to do/think, I ask myself, “What do I need to do right now?” and then go from there, instead of trying to do all the things as quickly as possible to relieve the pressure. It brings me such a sense of relief... AND the biggest surprise has been that I have so much more ENERGY to do things that I’m really passionate about!

Another huge insight for me was my openness in my Emotional Solar Plexus and how this was impacting me. I already knew that I was empathic and vulnerable to the collective, but when I learned that as a result of this openness that I can amplify other people’s emotions, that was a HUGE insight! It gave me the gift of awareness and the realization that I am always at choice. 

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If you are feeling called to learn more about your own unique design, I’d love to share insights with you so you, too, can avoid burnout and gain more energy by living the truth of Who You Are and amplifying your Authentic Frequency. Schedule a 90-min. Level 1 Foundational Reading with me to get started.

I look forward to guiding you on your divine path and celebrating the Magic of Who You Are!

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I also offer:

  • Level 2 Foundational Readings that give you an in-depth understanding of your Profile and your Definition & Openness in each of the Nine Centers (after a Level 1 Foundational Reading),

  • 1-Hour Follow-up Sessions after receiving a Foundational Reading to dive into a certain challenge in your Chart, relationship dynamics, parenting strategies, etc.,

  • 30-min. Sacral Sessions for Alchemists and Time Benders (defined Sacrals) to help you make decisions around a life change, direction to go in, partnership, etc. by tuning into your Sacral response, and

  • A 4-Month Coaching Program to support you in establishing a practice of staying aligned with your Design (Type, Strategy & Authority).

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  • Quantum Alignment Sessions combine Quantum Human Design, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), subtle body therapies, and coaching practices to support you in healing what’s blocking your energy so you can find your energetic alignment and activate the FULLEST expression of The Magic of Who You Are. Click on the button below and I'll personally reach out to you when sessions are available!