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"My experience with Lisa was wonderful and so affirming. I have spent years pushing myself in my career and ignoring my body until it finally told me 'enough.' I knew I needed a new way of life and Lisa's work really spoke to me in all the right ways so I reached out to learn more and had a wonderful Reading experience and follow-up with her. When I was speaking with her she made me feel like she already knew me and was very encouraging and it was nothing but positive vibes. I've already noticed changes since implementing just a few of the learnings that have helped me feel better - physically/mentally/emotionally."

—Jane Freeman (she/her)

HD Type: Orchestrator (Projector)


"One Quantum Alignment session with Lisa completely shifted the energy in an area I'd been feeling really stuck in for quite some time! I was able to access levels of self-compassion and self-love and be more gentle with myself when I was going through a very difficult period. Her tools are truly transformational. Lisa shows up in such a lovely, non-judgmental and deeply supportive way. I highly recommend working with her! You will feel safe and loved and get incredible results."

—Vanessa Loder (she/her)

Women's Leadership & Mindfulness Expert, Author of The Soul Solution

HD Type: Time Bender (Manifesting Generator)

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"Lisa's Human Design reading helped me integrate a deeper understanding of who I am and my purpose. Most importantly, the reading helped empower me and give me the tools to move forward on my next steps with confidence, clarity, and ease. I now have a fuller awareness that I am divinely guided and inspired to surrender to my path with grace."

—Brookelyn Sproviero (she/her)

Global Sales Leader, Intuitive, World Traveler

HD Type: Alchemist (Generator)

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"I recently got interested in exploring Human Design and got the 'free report' online. Unfortunately, it was pretty confusing and hard to make sense of. Luckily, I had the opportunity to have a Foundational Reading with Lisa Hall! There is a lot of information, but Lisa explains it in a way that is so clear and useful. I could easily make simple changes in my thinking and habits to be more aligned with my natural energy state and be more in flow!"

—Bethany Miller (she/her)

Psychologist, Intuitive, Yoga Studio Owner

HD Type: Time Bender (Manifesting Generator)


"I’ve worked with Lisa for the past four years and she always helps me see things that I don’t see in myself. I recently received a Human Design Reading from them and through this process I was able to see the things that are blocking me or slowing me down in my relationships and in life. I found it incredibly valuable and I’ve already started applying the practical tools & guidance they offered. I know I can always trust Lisa when I’m looking for guidance and insights to help me."

—Kristen Firpo (she/her)

Sound Healer, Intuitive, Innovation Consultant

HD Type: Time Bender (Manifesting Generator)


"When I first received my Human Design results, I was a little confused. While on the surface it made sense, I really appreciated the expertise of Lisa Hall to break it all down for me. Her compassionate analysis helped me see how to stop fighting against my natural tendencies, and embrace the natural flow for which I was designed. This is a complex system and it takes a trained expert to really extract the value from it. I highly recommend Lisa as that person - she listens deeply, is incredibly knowledgeable and really wants the best for her clients."

—Anne Robie (she/her)

People Brilliance Officer, Speaker, Podcast Co-Host

HD Type: Alchemist (Generator)

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