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This Journal will support you in being in alignment with Divine Timing by following your Quantum Human Design™ Strategy as you co-create with the energy of the Lunar Cycles to manifest your heart's desires.

This 71-page Digital Download includes:

  • a link to run your Free Human Design Chart,

  • an explanation of Quantum Human Design™ and the 5 Types and each Strategy,

  • a 2022 Lunar Calendar,

  • 5 journal pages for each Lunar Cycle to set intentions on the New Moon, identify how you can stay in alignment with your Quantum Human Design™ Strategy, release what is not serving you on the Full Moon, and write Dream Seed Questions to manifest while you sleep, plus

  • Year-at-a-Glance & 12-Month Reflection pages.

Imagine what you can manifest this year! Anything is possible!

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Why go through life wondering if you’re making the right decisions? Let your intuition guide you. In Your Divine Intuition, Author Lisa Love Hall thoughtfully guides you every step of the way as you learn to strengthen your intuition. 


Your Divine Intuition includes personal life stories of how intuition divinely guided Lisa on her path, as well as an abundance of tools, practices, guided meditations, and self-reflection prompts.


With a wealth of wisdom in Your Divine Intuition, you'll learn how to:

  • Develop your intuitive abilities

  • Meditate using a variety of methods

  • Activate your Chakra Centers

  • Clear your energy field and create energetic boundaries

  • Connect with the energy of the Four Elements

  • Navigate your life with confidence and joy

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