Be The Change That You Need

Life can be unpredictable, and we are certainly learning a great deal about that now. With so much intense change all at once, it can feel very uncomfortable and like things are out of control.

And yet, I'm starting to see all of this change as an opportunity to take control of the change. To be the change, as Mahatma Gandhi so eloquently stated many years ago.

How, you ask? Instead of reacting to all of the change and letting it throw our lives into a state of disarray, we can embrace the change and take charge of our lives in a way that supports our needs so we can find a sense of balance. While we can't control all the change going on around us, we can control ourselves and the actions we take. This is a very powerful realization.

Stop and take a minute to process this... say to yourself, "I can control my thoughts and actions." Bring your awareness to your heart center. How does this make you feel?

Hopefully, you experienced a sense of calm or relief, a remembering that you got this, that you have the power to bring back a sense of predictability and stability into your life.

When you practice mindfulness - bringing your awareness into the present moment - you can see the choices that are available to you in each moment. And from this place of conscious awareness, you can tune into how you are feeling and what your needs are, and then take action to support your needs... to be the change.

Here's a simple inquiry process that you can practice each day, or as often as needed, to connect with your emotions, determine your needs, and identify the best course of action. Change requires action, so figuring this out can lead you to the path of calm, centered and grounded presence.

Be The Change Inquiry Process

1. Find a comfortable seat in a quiet space and tune into your heart center. Ask yourself, how do I feel? You may find it helpful to place your hand over your heart to bring your awareness to this area. Once a feeling arises, make a mental note of this or write it down.

2. Then ask yourself, what do I need? What do I need to help me re-gain a sense of balance in this moment? More rest? More exercise? More time connecting with family and friends? More time outside? More personal time? Less news? Less work? Less worrying? Less eating? Whatever arises, make a mental note or write it down, without judgement. A key tenet of mindfulness is kindness, so just be with your experience without judging yourself.

3. Lastly, ask yourself, what action(s) can I take to support my needs? What can I do to be the change that I personally need right now? It doesn't have to be big; small actions can have a very significant impact on your life, too. Write this down to make it real and hold yourself accountable.

If more calm and focus is what you need, you can start with a 2-minute meditation practice each morning. Again, change requires action, and 2 minutes a day is a great place to start.

Not sure how to meditate? Check out this video of me from my Mindful Monday post on Facebook Live, where I guide you through a 2-minute meditation practice with focused attention on the breath.

When life gets busy, or feels out of control, remember that you can control your thoughts and actions. You got this!

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I honor the light in you, that is also in me, and together we are one. Namaste...

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