A New Year of Abundance & Limitless Possibilities!

What is an Abundance Mindset?

It’s a belief that you hold that is focused on all that you have and all of the possibilities that are available to you, rather than what’s not available to you, or limited thinking. When you hold the belief that anything and everything is possible, then you are open to a limitless number of outcomes in your life. You hold the belief that all is available to you, no matter what the challenge or obstacle. You trust that positive outcomes are available to you in any circumstance.

Now I understand, life is not always coming up roses. This can be very difficult at times, especially when you are struggling with a major transition in your life. Or maybe it’s every day, the daily stress of your busy life compounded by the bombardment of devastating world news. It can be hard to maintain an abundance mindset when all around you, you are surrounded by a world of perceived scarcity. And if you focus on what's lacking in your life, rather than the abundance, then you will attract and resonate with that energy of scarcity. It really is all about what you choose to focus your energy on. Like attracts like, right? So if you focus on what’s available to you, then everything is available to you. Pretty simple… the trick is to remember to come back to this when your mind strays and gets stuck on what’s lacking and unavailable.

This is true not only for your beliefs and the lens through which you see the world, but this also holds true for your nervous system. When you are in a scarcity mindset, you are running on fear and cortisol, afraid that you won’t have enough, so you hold onto things and hold yourself back, all in the name of SAFETY and self-preservation. This is good for the very short term, but not for the health and well-being of your lifetime. So if you flip the switch and focus on what’s available to you, and all the abundance there is, you are in a positive and receptive state of mind, comforted by feelings SAFETY. See how they’re both focused on the same outcome?

Whenever you are feeling unsafe, there are simple practices you can remember to do to help you move from that fear-based mindset to one of calm abundance. Mindfulness practices, such as focusing on your breath and slowing it down can shift you from a stress-response to one of calm and safety very quickly. Also just being out in nature and taking a short walk.

Try this. Next time you are feeling anxious or frustrated, close your eyes and take long, slow inhales and exhales, just focus on slowing down the breath. Do this for 1-2 minutes and you will notice that you are feeling more calm and centered in the body, and the mind. From this place of feeling calm and centered, you can come back to the task at hand with the ability to see more choices available to you, and it will help you return to an abundance mindset.

So that brings us into this amazing new decade! We are turning the dial of time and I can really feel the effects of it. Anyone else? This year feels really big. Lots of big changes, lots of big opportunities to create change and manifest your deepest-held passions and intentions. Now is the time. Are you ready to flip the switch and focus on abundance?

“You Have Unlimited Potential to Manifest Unlimited Possibilities”

In every moment of your life, you have the opportunity to choose. To choose what YOU want to manifest in this world of unlimited possibilities. And it doesn’t have to be a huge choice, little choices have a big impact on our interconnected world as well. Remember the “one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind” quote? :)

So, what are you going to choose today... this month... this year? Whatever it is, stay focused on what’s possible and I guarantee that you will start to see that everything is, indeed, possible.

And on that note, I offer you some possibilities to expand your awareness and make your new year everything you ever wanted it to be! :) Wishing you an ABUNDANT New Year!!

Upcoming Events:

May 2-9 Bali Luxury Retreat --> A Balinese Wellness Retreat unlike any other is waiting for you to say yes. Yes to luxury. Yes to restoring yourself to the real you. Yes to Bali. Live in the moment at an Award-Winning Retreat nestled against the Ayung River. Find peace and relaxation with a personalized sound and yoga experience with Kristen Firpo and Lisa Love that will center and de-stress you at the deepest levels. You will return refreshed and with a new resilient mindset and expanded awareness. Say YES! Learn More about this Experience of a Lifetime!

Jan. 25th Restorative Yoga & Sound Healing Bliss with Kristen Firpo in Sausalito at Soulstice Spa --> Sign up HERE!

Feb. 29th Restorative Yoga & Sound Healing Workshop with Kristen Firpo in Half Moon Bay --> Registration info coming soon! Visit www.ensohmb.com in the meantime to check out the studio offerings.

Weekly Class Schedule:

⭐ Monday: 11am, Release & Restore at Enso, Half Moon Bay

⭐ Monday: 3pm, Restorative Yoga with Hot Stones, Yoga Tree, Stanyan, SF

⭐ Tuesday: 4:05pm, Tween Yoga & Art, Thriveability Yoga, West Portal, SF

⭐ Thursday: 12:15pm, Restorative with Hot Stones, Yoga Tree, Stanyan, SF

⭐ Saturday Workshops --> Sign up for my Newsletter to stay updated!

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