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Quantum Human Design™, created by Karen Curry Parker, is a system that helps you understand how you uniquely process energy, how to stay in alignment with your True Self, when to rest and wait for right timing, how to manifest with the Quantum field, and what your energy needs are in relationships. This empowering system is deeply insightful and affirming. 


See the FAQs to learn how to run your Free Chart. Next, schedule a Reading with me to gain an in-depth understanding of your personal chart and how you can incorporate your Human Design Strategy into your day-to-day life to reduce burnout and increase your life-force energy.


The Quantum Alignment System™, created by Karen Curry Parker, further supports you in aligning with the highest expression of your Human Design by clearing energy blocks to the 9 Resiliency Keys with EFT Tapping (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and Subtle Body Energy practices. See the FAQs to learn more about how EFT Tapping works.

The 9 Resiliency Keys are: Lovability, Empowerment, Courage, Decisiveness, Emotional Wisdom, Self-Trust, Vitality, Authenticity and Self-Worth. 

This system is profoundly healing and liberating. Schedule a session with me to increase your vitality & well-being.

Group sessions are also available for up to 8 people!

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Life can be challenging in many ways, especially when you want to create change. Using Quantum Human Design™ as our foundational roadmap, I will support you with envisioning the life you want to be living as your True Self, developing a plan to make those changes possible, and providing accountability support along the way.

As a 5/1 Time Bender (Manifesting Generator), I can support you energetically with my Defined Sacral Center (the center for life-force energy) and Defined Channel to the Throat Center (the center for communication and manifestation). Teaming up with me will give you an energetic boost and the confidence to dive in and create a life you love!

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"When I first received my Human Design results, I was a little confused. While on the surface it made sense, I really appreciated the expertise of Lisa Love Hall to break it all down for me. Her compassionate analysis helped me see how to stop fighting against my natural tendencies, and embrace the natural flow for which I was designed. This is a complex system and it takes a trained expert to really extract the value from it. I highly recommend Lisa as that person - she listens deeply, is incredibly knowledgeable and really wants the best for her clients."

—Anne Robie (she/her)

People Brilliance Officer, Speaker, Podcast Co-Host