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A Mindful Re-Entry for You and Your Queer Kids by Lisa Love Hall, June 2021

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"Mindfulness is something we could all use more of as we re-enter the real world, especially kids. Despite our efforts to limit it, the amount of screen time they’ve had this past year has skyrocketed because of distance learning on computers for hours throughout the day. 

And, as if that wasn’t enough, they have been isolated at home, without face-to-face contact with their affirming friends, family, and community. 

Suffice to say, this last year has been anything but normal. Quite the contrary. We could say it was as rare as a unicorn... albeit an isolated unicorn, at home on the computer. You get the point.

Now that we embark on returning to socializing, having somewhat of a real summer, and going back to school in the Fall, it’s important to support your kiddos with Mindfulness practices as they transition back to the real world..."

Interview on Introducing Me Podcast for Pride Month in the U.S.

June 2021

Introducing Me Podcast


Lisa Love (she/they) is nonbinary and a life coach for members of the LGBTQ+ community. She has gone through multiple phases of re-discovery from leaving the Mormon patriarchy, identifying as a bisexual, questioning their gender, and turning sober.

Interview with (Night)Life Coach, Eline, for LGBTQ History Month in the UK

Mind The Music w/ Lisa Love Hall 14th February 2021

Mind The Music


On this episode, I chat with Lisa Love about challenges queer artists face in electronic music and how to cope. We also answer a couple of questions that came from queer artists themselves and play the tunes they have sent in as well.

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