Life Coaching Services with Lisa Love

Life Coaching to support you in living courageously!

We'll start by discussing your heart-centered goals, evaluating your mindset and beliefs, identify what's getting in your way, and then begin the work of unweaving any limiting beliefs and creating new ones so you are empowered and energized to achieve your goals.

I will also share an action planning tool with you that you can use to help you stay on track with your goals every week, that includes the gifts and passions behind your goals, as well as the self-care practices that will help you restore your energy.


When you have clarity around how it’s possible to achieve your goals, and you’re motivated and energized to take action, you CAN live the life of your dreams.

1:1 Coaching also includes:

  • Character Strengths Assessment & Strategy Assessment

  • Guided Practices: Embodied Breathwork, Grounding Energy, Clearing Energy

  • Guided Shamanic Journey or Healing as needed

  • Positive Encouragement & Accountability Support Every Step of the Way!


I believe in you and I know you can do this! Let's make your dreams come true!

My Coaching Commitment to You:

  • I will practice the Four Agreements and ask you to do the same:
    1) I will be impeccable with my word; 2) I won’t take anything personally; 3) I won’t make assumptions; and 4) I will always do my best.

  • I will honor our time together and hold a safe space for you with a compassionate heart.

  • I will support you in discovering and releasing energy-depleting beliefs.

  • I will guide you to become aware of your own deeper wisdom and truths.

  • I will encourage you to be accountable to your goals and action steps.

  • I will celebrate your successes along the way and encourage you to do the same.

If you are interested in working with me, please complete the form below and I will get back to you, or schedule a Free Coaching Clarity Call with me here.

I look forward to hearing from you!

LISA LOVE (She/Her) is an Intuitive Life Coach & Positivity Queen helping Womxn live courageously! She is also a Mother and an Artist, and is proud to be Queer and Antiracist.


She is located in the San Francisco Bay Area, with experience teaching Yoga and Mindfulness since 2011. Prior to that, she worked in Human Resources for many years focused on Training & Development, Benefits & Wellness Programs.


Lisa Love is committed to social justice, diversity, inclusion, equality and antiracism and asks that you do the same in your circle of influence.


San Francisco Bay Area, CA