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We all experience anxiety in daily life and there are a variety of ways that you can reduce your anxiety, rather than letting it derail you. One of the fastest ways that I’ve discovered is with EFT Tapping, and I am sharing this powerful somatic tool with you and the community in a Free EFT Tapping Class every other Monday.

You will learn how to reduce your anxiety with EFT Tapping, and feel connected to others who are doing the same thing, in a compassionate group setting.


Using this newfound coping skill, you can continue tapping on your own throughout the week as your anxiety arises. 

Everyone is welcome!

What is EFT Tapping?


EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques and it involves tapping on acupressure points while you are speaking about something that’s emotionally charged. For example, “Even though I’m really anxious about tomorrow,” followed by an acceptance statement of “I deeply and completely love and accept myself.” 

As a result, your cortisol levels are quickly lowered, promoting a feeling of well-being. Here is a recent study that shows that EFT Tapping, an “evidence-based self-help therapeutic method,” Improves Multiple Physiological Markers of Health.


What have others shared with me about their experience after EFT Tapping?


  • I feel really good.”

  • I’m feeling buzzy.”

  • I’m really surprised by how quickly it worked.”

  • “It helped me to ground from flighty anxiety in my head and recenter in my body.

  • “I feel really calm now.”

  • “It’s a great intro to tapping.”


Who is this Class ideal for?


Anyone who has a lot on their plate or is navigating a life transition period: college students, parents, teachers, healthcare workers, coaches, empty-nesters, career-changers, job-starters, etc. No experience necessary.


What is the format of this Free Class?


We will start with a Mindfulness practice, then each person will check in and share what they are feeling anxious about for the week, either vocally or through the chat. Then, we will tap together as a group for about 20 mins. on what has been shared. Everyone is expected to be on camera while we are tapping. We will close with each person sharing how they are feeling after tapping.


What are the Class Agreements?


By participating, you agree to follow the Class Agreements: 

  • Confidentiality: maintain the privacy of other people’s personal information.

  • Respect: demonstrate respect for everyone during the class.

  • Compassion: respond with compassion to both yourself and to others.

  • Curiosity: be curious about your own experience and your connections with others.

  • Community: share your experience with others and invite them to class.

When can I attend this Free Class?


Every Other Monday at 12:00pm (PT), for 30–40 mins, starting on November 7th, excluding holidays. For the month of December, there will be one class on Dec. 12th. Bi-weekly classes will resume on Jan. 9th.


Do I need to register beforehand?


Yes. Registration is required. After completing the form below, you will receive the Zoom Meeting ID on the morning of class, along with a Handout of the EFT Tapping points.


How can I reach you if I have questions?


Please email me at


I hope to see you and your friends in class!


PLEASE NOTE: this Class does not provide therapy or crisis services. If you are experiencing severe anxiety, please contact your healthcare provider or call 911. If you are in need of therapy, you can contact CIIS’s Center for Somatic Psychology to schedule a tele-health appointment: