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The fundamental ingredient needed to move in a new direction is change. And change requires effort so it can be challenging to get started.


That’s where Spark Email Coaching comes in! Utilize this inspirational process—combining the principles of Human Design and Neuroplasticity—to propel your life in a new direction!


Create meaningful goals knowing how to authentically express your energy through the lens of Human Design. Coupled with the benefits of Neuroplasticity—every time you learn something new, you change your brain, and vice versa—which creates a supportive feedback loop that helps you achieve your goals.

Benefits of Spark Email Coaching:


  • Receive guidance and support on your own time.

  • Increase your vitality by focusing your energy on goals that are aligned with your dreams and passions.

  • Build your self-esteem by using the SPARK formula to achieve your goals each week and stay motivated.

  • Receive up to 4 coaching emails each month in support of your monthly goal.

  • Subscribe for $25/month. Cancel at any time.


My Role as Your Life Coach:


  • Help you define and accomplish your personal goals.

  • Share my expertise, wisdom and enthusiasm.

  • Coach you through the obstacles along the way.

  • Bear witness to your transformation.

  • Encourage you to celebrate your success!


Your Role in the Email Coaching Process:


  • Complete the initial questionnaire and learn about your Human Design Strategy - how you can best utilize your energy to manifest what you want.

  • Identify a monthly goal that’s aligned with your dreams and passions.

  • Use the SPARK formula to achieve your goals each week and stay motivated.

  • Celebrate your progress, no matter how small! You earned it!

  • Begin again each month to reevaluate and redefine your monthly goal.


After you Subscribe, you will receive an initial questionnaire to complete before coaching begins. It will ask for your birth date, location and time to generate your Human Design Chart. If you don’t know the exact time of your birth, an approximate time also works.


Propel your life in a new direction with Spark Email Coaching!