Does this resonate with you?

As an open-minded Queer person who feels connected to nature, you want to evolve but you don’t exactly know how and you’re too scared to do the things you know deep down in your soul you need to do.


You’ve taken some steps but they haven’t felt fully in alignment with your truth. Plus, you struggle with putting yourself first, which makes it all the more challenging to make any progress.


With a wellspring of experience, empathy and optimism, I help you prioritize your personal growth and create your best possible reality.


As a Queer Intuitive Life Coach with an unwavering belief in your capacity to experience a joyful life, I help you…

  • Prioritize your positivity,

  • Recalibrate your routines,

  • Discover your purpose, and

  • Live your fullest, most resilient life.

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